Lord Byron is a name that’s synonymous with all things romantic & musical.

Your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ, this Lord Byron has a deep love of all things musical, an unfair amount of talent, and an unrivalled dedication to his craft.

You’ll usually find him mixing without headphones (and occasionally with just one deck!), sharing his technical skills and love for the music with crowded dance floors all over the UK and Europe.

Raised on vinyl and paying his dues to the underground in this digital age, Lord Byron is always grinding on his musical path, reaching ever closer to the zenith of his abilities.

Able to adapt and read a crowd within the moment, he invites you to listen and dance as he takes you on a journey through genres and BPMs.

A multi-genre aficionado, Lord Byron is always listening with a hungry ear for those new, cutting-edge vibes to add to his sets, which keeps him in constant demand on the club and festival scene.

From house and garage to the future sound of broken beats, the answer is always the same: “If the beat’s dope, then I’m on it.”

Lord Byron has an instinctive, innate ability to touch a crowd and connect on a deeper level than many others can.

Riddims to free your mind, your body and your soul.